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K. Nicole Camene

Nicole is a visual artist with a curiosity for the natural world, science, biology, and the human experience. Nicole credits that curiosity to her childhood in Miami, being influenced by the ocean and enamored with the beautiful plants and fascinating creatures of the land. Nicole had her first opportunity to paint during a summer visit to her grandmother’s house as a young girl. After the visit Nicole was sent home with a box full of acrylic paints and enough encouragement to continue practicing being an artist and so her explorations into the world of art grew from there. In 2015 Nicole became a member of a global street art collective wherein she discovered her love for public space art. Through the support of the collective, her family and friends she was able to solidify, prioritize and pursue her long held goal of becoming a “real” artist. In 2019 she was awarded the Forecast Making It Public art grant in conjunction with Grand Rapids Arts & Culture Commission and was able to create her fist public art installation.  Nicole lives in Minneapolis MN where she is currently building her artist identity by showing her work locally and volunteering with community arts organizations. Nicole graduated from the A.F.A program at Minneapolis College in 2021. Her work is an investigation of the ways in which shared and different experiences of all living things intersect and how that intersection effects the self and the natural environment.

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